Online backup as an automated service

Unlike the online storage, the backup services offered online by some companies are automated, saving the files and settings you have in your system, but also the personalized features of the system. The files can be recovered in case of a “disaster”, as it is called. The most common “disasters” can be of hardware nature, or a human mistake that might result in accidental deleting of some files.

The purpose of the online storage and backup services is to offer a safe and simple environment for the users to store their important files. Moreover, the files will be saved as they are, and it is important for the folders and files not to be altered during the backup process. Whether you work on Windows or Mac OS, you will be able to configure the program in less than a minute, and then the application will do its job, and you won’t even know it is there.

It is important to backup your files after the initial installation of the program. After that, the system can begin its incremental backup process, at a certain hour of the day. The incremental backup means that the system will only save the new files and modifications, resulting in an increased speed of the system.

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