Top Logo Sites online

In today’s world, there are many logo sites online. Thanks to the technology, we have now; you can easily make a logo in less than 15 minutes. However, you need to be careful on what templates you select. Most logo templates are generic, meaning another company will have that same logo. Hiring a professional designer, on the other hand – is expensive. For example, most designers charge around $100 or more for a professional logo. This is why we encourage you to check out these top logo sites online. They will not only save you money, but also time.

The Logo creator online is our top choice right now. Why is this? Because they have the most templates (over 200), and include several different packages. On top of that, there is one-time fee to use the program they provide, instead of paying monthly. They offer corporate, web 2.0, entertainment, and personal logo packages. With this much variety, you simply cannot go wrong.
Logo Snap is another place, which allows you to create your own logo. Choose the profession you are in to get started and they will provide you with some sample designs. On top of that, they also have designers, which you can hire if you are not good with design.

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